Monday, January 11, 2010

Our first Blog!

Hi to everyone! We, the Griders, have decided that we should start a Blog of all the "shennanigans" we'll have in getting ready to move to Arizona for school and the wonderful adventures that are sure to come . This way, all our family and loved ones can keep in touch with us and read about our goings on.

So to start us out. our move date is being pushed back a little so we can be here for Alaina, Robert's sister, when she graduates BYU-Idaho. We've changed moving plans and we're getting ready for early August. I plan on leaving work in May. Robert will continue to work while I am searching Arizona for jobs. preferably in health care, since that's where I've been working for several years. As long as were here while I'm looking, I think I won't feel so paranoid about finding a job and trying to survive on our own down there. So, if anyone hears anything in the meantime or knows someone, let me know!

Along with moving down, I'll explain what will be happening. We're going to be going to Arizona State University. Robert is majoring in Air Traffic Control. He already has about 1 1/2, to 2 years of school done through SLCC and Weber State, so hopefully He'll be done and graduated in about 2 years. It is a lengthy program, but it's the perfect job for him and will bring him and our family a lot of happiness and many blessings. I was going to go full time as well, but it's appeared much harder than originally anticipated. In addition to us having to pay for both to go to school, the first year would be out of state tuition times two. It turned into a huge expense that we can offset by me waiting a year, or I can take a few classes at a specific community college, that actually gives a tuition break for Utah transfers. My original intent was to major in Music Education, something I'm very passionate about as those close to me can tell you, but I'm finding my interests changing. I took a music class which was fascinating. and I loved learning about the music process and history, but some of my favorite portions of the course were writing the term papers. I don't know if it was the writing or the historical research that have me so excited, but I'm starting to consider that as a new possibility. Again, due to a lot of new circumstances, I may be waiting little while to get started, but it will help me delve into whatever I'm really passionate about and figure out what I want to do with my degree.

Phew! that was complicated. well, a little about the school. ASU is comprised of 4 school campuses across the greater Phoenix valley. (by the way for those who don't know, the Phoenix valley is roughly the same size as if driving from North Ogden, to almost Payson near the outskirts of Phoenix. It's Huge!) There is Downtown Phoenix, West campus, Downtown Tempe. (main campus. also where the football stadium is) and Gilbert which is the Polytechnic campus. they would have most if not all of Robert's classes there in Gilbert. For housing, we've pretty much decided since there is only one place for family housing, we're going to be living in Gilbert. It's on the far East side of the valley. (equivalent to Herriman and Bluffdale in size and amenities) It is a very family oriented part of the valley, and they will also be building a new Temple not far from campus! We have not been in the housing, since you would have to apply through school, but we've driven out there and seen the housing. it's an old Military base. and the housing are military homes that have been "refurbished", if you will. unless we go inside and find them to be a little terrifying, it actually seems to be a good place to live. and it's little more quiet.

Well, That's what we're going to be getting ready for in the coming months. Until then we'll just keep on living and working. We are going on a Vacation to Florida right after I leave work, since we'll have cleared all our debt and will be able to pay for the trip in cash (wow!) so it will be a little reward for us. We're looking so forward to this trip and can't wait till it's time to go. In the mean time we'll try and find some day to day things to write about, and maybe more info about our new life in AZ. We'll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading and Keep in touch! We Love you all!


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  2. Sounds exciting! Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Also thanks for the onsies! I missed you at the shower but knew you were not feeling very well. Hope all is better. You're awesome!

  3. Sounds like you two are in for some wonderful experiences!!

  4. Yay! I'm so excited for you guys to get going on your new life! I'm going to miss you, but this blog will help :) Thanks!