Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hi all. today is Wednesday, and it's been an okay work week. I have finally gotten back into the groove without the holidays. so the work weeks takless time to go around. Sad news around the world and particularly Haiti. My heart and prayers go out to the people. I want to find a way to help. So maybe I can look into that in some capacity.

Today, like everyday, Robert and I carpool to work. We have the same schedule, so I'm dropped off about 30 min early each day, and picked up 30 min late. sometimes it's a bummer waking up extra early to do this, but we get the time together, which makes all the difference. Today we were driving I-15 to get to work today. It was early and dark as usual, but there is something along the drive that is seriously puzzling us as we go. Every time we take the freeway, there is a section right around the I-215 and I-15 junction, just before the 5400 S exit, that for some extremely odd reason, smells of burnt bread. Toast. It's the weirdest phenomenon, and there's clearly no businesses close enough to that portion of the freeway that would smell of toast. there's no Quizno's or a bakery. It seems to be mindboggling. I asked some coworkers today to see if Robert and I were totally off our rockers, but they admitted they smell it in various placs all the time too. Not just on that spot on the freeway. All over the valley! So I ask you all, Do you smell the toast? Do you know what it is? Is it some part of the cosmic world like the Bermuda triangle that makes our noses itch with the smell of a toaster gone bad? hmm.. Though it's of small importance, I find it facinating, and mostly funny that a small section of the freeway and various other locations temporarily smell like toast every morning. Pay attention everyone, and see if you can smell it while you're driving sometime, and report back to me.

Anyway, back to life. Yesterday we went with Robert's parents to dinner for his mom's birthday. Red Lobster. I was never really raised to eat a lot of fish, but Ive grown to like enough of it that I can really enjoy the food there. I've always liked shrimp and clam chowder. Easy staples of the seafood world, but I've grown to really like the taste of crab. It's very delicious, but I am squeamish as to breaking the crab legs to get the meat out. So, similar to that of killing gigantic spiders that are about to eat my face off, The Hubby makes sure to break my crab legs for me. Last night I had Shrimp, not feeling adventurous enough to order crab or anything else. It was very tasty. I asked for ranch dressing to dip them in because I'm not good with the cocktail sauce. After about 5 min of waiting for the ranch, the waitress came out and said they were all out of ranch. the whole restaurant and kitchen. I said okay of course, because what am I gonna do about the shortage of salad dressing, but still I was a little confused as to how you could run out of something like ranch. Pretty funny, and it amused us all at the table.

We started talking about moving to AZ, and since we have the scooter for our alternate transportation, Robert will be riding it since we'll be living right on his campus. He was joking about not riding it because it's so hot. I told him would you rather walk to campus in the heat, or ride the scooter with the wind? He's decided he's creating a new bubbled/ballooned air conditioned scooter (which yes, would defeat the purpose) so he wouldn't be so hot. We'd have our own version of the balloon boy riding down the streets of Gilbert. Feel free to laugh. Maybe Robert will be an engineer instead of ATC, but that would require a dramatic career change I don't think He'd like. But maybe one day, we'll see those balloon scooters driving the roads.

So I guess I'll post something about school. I'll post pictures about the main campus and also Polyechnic where we plan to live:

This is Sun Devil Stadium at Tempe Campus.

This is Gammage Theatre. This is for permforming arts. It's like the Capitol Theatre of SLC, in that this is where touring companies like Broadway Across America and others come for their shows. Next month is "Mary Poppins", and "Wicked' and the "Lion King" have performed here before aswell.

this is the layout of the Tempe campus itself.

The Polytechnic campus is pretty new. it's built on a military base for which the name escapes me now.

This is the main building and i think the student union. most of the buildings are newer like this. the campus is very spaced out, and resides right next to the military airport which is still in use. (for both school and otherwise)

This is the simulator building where most of Robert's classes will be.

This is the Family housing on Polytechnic Campus. So far this is where we plan on living. we're going to go down and look at the interior in the next few months to make sure it's all good. but it will be extremely convienent for Robert and getting to class. And, it's a free standing house, so no immediate neighbors.

So that's it for now. I will probably find our trip pictures from last September and post some of them. we have better views and other things. so thanks for listening. If anything else interesting pops up. I'll write.

Much love to everyone!


  1. The ranch thing is weird but I have one better for you; once while eating out the waiter told me they were all out of ice. Ice! The camus looks really nice.

  2. The whole toast thing... I totally have smelled it. But I have smelled it heading south on I-15 Near 45th South exit. Maybe its going to be a new smell in the valley that comes at odd times... kinda like the stench of the Great Salt Lake, but not as horrible smelling.