Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey the Grider's are back for more adventures! (I finally pushed myself into writing... )
So as most of you know we are no longer in the great state of Utah (Missing the snow I'm sure you're all enjoying right now.. really). We have relocated to the Valley of the Sun! Since it's been so long I wont go into detail about everything. but just do a generic overview of the times we've had.

Robert and I left our beloved snow covered mountains on April 2nd or 3rd this year, the day of a huge snow storm. it was 36 degrees out as we drove away from my Mom's house, and left with Robert's family on the 13 hour drive down here. We took a few last chance pictures of the snow that we know we won't see until at least next winter. and headed on down through Utah and Nevada, going by way of Laughlin into Kingman, Az. We stayed the night there and drove the rest of the way home to our apartment in Mesa (which was 78 degrees when we arrived). We're in a 2 bed 2 bath apartment, with a nice layout and pretty spacious floor plan if I do say so myself. So we've been doing well in our house for the past 8 months or so...

Robert was able to transfer down with Fedex and stay on with the same company, and I started with Mortgage collections in a bank which shall remain nameless, as they suck. The job was terrible and it felt like there were no ethics in what we did, so I couldn't do it anymore. I then went and got a temp job at Lane Bryant within a day or so of quitting . I was surprised I got a job so quick in this economy, but I have been totally blessed. Afterwords I was able to get on with Fedex and I have been there ever since. We are totally blessed with the jobs we have and the ability for it to help with school.

In case anyone doesn't know, Robert is going to school full time as well as working part time. He is majoring in Aviation Air Traffic Control. We're really excited for this job and can't wait for the ball to get rolling on graduating. Who knows, with the FAA we may get on quicker as sometimes they hire before graduation. Once he gets a little more into school and gets in state tuition (We're paying out of state now, which sucks. BAD), I'm going to try and start going as much as I can to work on generals, then try for the music program.

Meeting people down here has been a little hard. Robert and I are a little shy and have a hard time jumping in to social situations (hard to believe for some of you I'm sure), but we have made a few friends at our jobs and meeting more and more people in our ward. This ward has been really gung-ho on getting us involved and in callings. So far Robert teaches 2 out of the 4 Sundays in Elders Quorum, and is also a home teaching district leader. I teach the 7/8 year olds in primary, and surprisingly have really enjoyed it since I pretty much only teach 1 girl. She's typically the only one there. But it feels good to be involved with the ward. We've been going to a whole bunch of activities and people are starting to know who we are. There are a lot of really young newlyweds and young families that are going to school too. So we have something in common with everyone.

Well, for now we'll call this it. just to get us started. I feel bad not having much for our families and friends to read about our adventures, so I'll try and keep up with it. We'll get some pictures up soon from down here, but I used some great ones from our friend the photographer Becky that we took just before we left. Anyways everyone have a good week, You'll hear from us soon!

Love, The Grider's

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  1. Hurray for an update! I'm glad you guys are settled okay!